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A sharing application

A professional social network

Why set up a professional social

network ?


It is a

management tool for the

21st century.


Simplify, streamline, centralize operational internal communication.


 Increase turnover and store margin through healthy emulation between stores.



Once installed for your company, CheckMyStore® can be used by as many users as you need, in the same time or not… There is no limitation, you decide according to your needs and organization.

Be Sync

All the users of the app have access to the same information in the same time, no more problems of data or requests updates, everything is managed centrally, and diffused to all your team.

Instant Share

All actions managed in the app are immediately shared and centralized in CheckMyStore®.

Data transfer and back up are automatic.

Social Media

CheckMyStore® is a professional social network. It enables you to LIKE what your colleagues have done and to post COMMENTS. It is also a source of inspiration and healthy emulation.

Take a shot

Photos of your stores are translated into « Store moments » so that they can be shared. It is the opportunity to highlight all the good work done by your teams.

Dynamic Report

All our reports are automatic, visual and updated in real time. They are user centric, with the possibility to drill down to the details when it is necessary.

User Friendly

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